Ways to Make Reading Fun


  Try to make reading this summer an adventure that the whole family can get involved in.

·         Pack a picnic lunch and share reading a book when you get there

·         Make a treasure hunt that has passages to read at every hiding place and a cool  snack at the end where you could write a story together

·         Write an adventure diary of cool make-believe things you did ( hatch a dinosaur egg, invent a time machine, win a motor bike derby, find a unicorn) I would love to read them in the FALL !!!!!

·         Go to the lake for the afternoon and take a long a favorite story book to share

·         Get together with friends and have your own summer book club- decide on a book to read that you can get from the town library and pick a day to get together to discuss the book and have some amazing snacks

·         Go for a quad ride and stop at different places to read a few pages of a cool book or write your own

·         Have you child dictate a story to you that you can write out or put on the computer that they can read later

·         If you go to the city stop in at a big book store (Indigo, Chapters, or Robinson McNally ) and pick out a book to start your own totally terrific book collection

·         Find a movie based on a book that you could read first and then go the movie theater to watch later or rent it

·         Read books around the camp fire using a flashlight to read with and pass the book around the fire so everyone gets a chance to share in the fun

·         Take a small portable TV and VCR outside and have a drive in movie night and then write the sequel to the next movie

·         If you have a tent set up in your yard then a story time in the tent with flashlights

·         Most of all use your imagination and have fun going on many great adventures( I would love to hear about what you did in the fall)

·         Share with me any other cool ideas you come up with over the summer for reading adventures

Mrs. Onyskiw

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  1. This was something id really like to know. There is a lot of ways to make reading fun and i think im going to try them thanks to you!

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