Amazing Plants

Bill Nye- The Science Guy – S03E03 – Plants by sheldonrutkowski

The earth has more than 80,000 species of edible plants.Plants are so important!Plants play a very critical role on this planet. They provide food,air to breathe as well as many other important uses. In the comment bubble beside this post tell me a use for plants. Make sure you read all comments so you don’t say the same thing and learn some cool things too.

Bill Nye The Science Guy- Electricity

Imagine a world where you couldn’t turn on a light, a computer, or even use the phone! Obviously, electricity is important to us! Can you imagine a day without electricity?How would your day be different?

A current of electricity is a steady flow of electrons. When electrons move from one place to another, round a circuit, they carry electrical energy from place to place like marching ants carrying leaves. Instead of carrying leaves, electrons carry a tiny amount of electric charge.
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Bill Nye Friction

Bill Nye – The Science Guy – Season 3 Episode… by Bill-Nye-The-Science
Force is just a fancy word for pushing or pulling. If I push on something or pull on it, then I am applying a force to it. Force makes things move or, more accurately, makes things change their motion.
Sir Isaac Newton was one of the first scientists to study gravity and force.

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