Grade 3’s Kindness Project

We have a Random Acts of Kindness work crew job in our classroom. Every week someone is on Random Acts Of Kindness and they are responsible for doing something nice for each person in our class for that week. Some students have made bookmarks, drawn pictures, gave stickers, told jokes, made cookies, etc. Our teacher gave us each a small rock with the words You Rock on each one to keep in our desk to remind us that we are great!! Our challenge for the year is to write about as many Random Acts of Kindness as we can and post them in the comments for this post. You need to explain in detail what you did. For example when our teacher, Mrs. Onyskiw, goes to Tim Horton’s with her daughter, Katrina, and son ,Brant, they always ask the server what their favorite donut is. They buy it with their order and give it to the server with a rainbow loom bracelet that Katrina has made and a card that say,” Thanks for making our day special!” It is fun to do kind things for others. Let’s see how many Random Acts of Kindness we can create this year. Let the challenge begin!!

19 thoughts on “Grade 3’s Kindness Project

  1. My name is Katrina and I am In Grade 5. I made rainbow loom bracelets for all the teachers and support staff at my school with a card that said,”Thanks for all you do!” It is fun to do nice things for other people.

  2. Jocelyn Nov.24/14
    I made 2 free coupons for my mom to use where I will make my mom dinner. The choices are a baloney sandwich or ham and the 2 soup choices are mushroom soup or tomato. I made them on paper and decorated them with lilies.

  3. Grade 3 Christmas Kindness Project,
    The Grade 3’s collected money and new toys to deliver to The Red Apple and Kelvington Ambulance toy drive. We know that Grade 3’s can do anything! We helped to make a difference for many people this holiday season. Way to go Grade 3’s!

  4. My name is Tristin and for my Radom Acts of Kindness I shoveled all the snow off our rink at home for Dad, I set the table at supper for Mom, and I cleaned the toy room for Mom and Dad.

  5. Fleur January 12, 2015
    I started the car for Mom when we were over at Geck’s looking after their chickens and dogs. While I was waiting for more eggs to be cleaned I shoveled off their deck because it had lot of snow on it.

  6. Justina February 5, 2015
    I packed my book bag all on my own.

    Dad was going to help me pick up the fort I made on the weekend and I didn’t let Dad help.

    I gave Mom and Dad each a present.

    I gave the worms some worm food.

    I brought extra kleenex boxes.

    I spent some of my money on our baby.

    I made a ticket that was for a totally free breakfast, no taxes at all.

  7. Kade February 13, 2015
    My Dad and I bought doughnuts and brought them to my Mom’s work and gave her one.

    I made coupons for my family.

    I gave my brother a toque.

    I gave Christina my looms from my old bracelet.

    I brought an extra juice box.

    I put away the dishes without being asked.

  8. Coralee February 23, 2015

    I helped my sister Raelynn with her homework.

    I gave the airplane helpers bracelets.

    I helped my Grandma set the table.

    I let Alex use my sled when he did not have one to use.

    I gave the class a code buster booklet.

    I gave the class stickers.

  9. Tanner March 6, 2015
    I helped my mom donate our car seat to a family that couldn’t buy one.
    I gave the principal a picture.
    I have a Lego guy for Brant.

  10. Christina March 13, 2015
    I got my brother a game on my iPad.
    I did all my chores.
    I made my bed.
    I let Justin play on my iPad.

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