Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is an amazing person. He was the first Canadian Astronaut to walk in space, operate Canadarm, and command the International Space Station. He is a pilot, astronaut, musician & speaker. We can learn so much about our amazing planet from space. Who is going to help take care of our one and only home?

Amazing Soil

Soil doesn’t just appear out of nowhere. A magician doesn’t wave a magic wand and…poof!… soil shows up. And it’s not made in a soil factory. Soil comes from broken up pieces of rock and dead leaves, tree limbs, and dead bugs-those kinds of things.

Watch this video to learn more about soil!


I am so excited to be teaching you this year. We are going to learn about so many amazing things. I can not wait to get this adventure started. While you listen to one of my favorite songs tell we about something you did this summer in a few complete sentences and end with a question or wonder you have about Grade 3 in the speech bubble beside this post. Let the learning adventures begin.