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We are a Grade 3 class in  Saskatchewan , Canada.  We love to learn.  Over the summer 4 robots crash landed on our school.  They will be staying with us for the school year and helping us learn.  They had two pets with them Speedy and Flash who will be staying with us also.  I wonder what mischief they will cause? We will be writing about them in our Pet and Robot Diaries.  We are connecting with other students from around the world using Skype, Twitter and our Blog. We like to share and learn with other students.

Welcome to our Grade 3 Blog
Our blog is a digital journal of what we are learning in class.
It’s also a place for our class to express themselves.
We can share what we have created-writing, art, science experiments, wonders, favorite stories, etc.
Our blog also helps us to connect to other students around this amazing world.

We love to learn and share.
We welcome you to come join our amazing adventures.
Oh the places we will go and the things we will learn!!!!
Let the adventures begin!!


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Little Mad Scientists,
    We wanted to introduce ourselves to you. We are a group of 27 third graders at Stafford Primary in West Linn, Oregon. We joined the student blogging challenge and wanted to reach out to classrooms around the world. We are excited that you live in Canada. We’d like to know more about your classroom experiences with 4 robots and 2 pets. We already know that you are third graders just like us!

    We are excited to follow and comment on your blog. Feel free to look at our blog too. Here is the link:


    Take care,
    Mrs. Fordyce and the Room 27 Ranchers

    • We have many cool adventures with the 4 robots that crash landed on our school this summer. They came from the planer Zuron and will stay with us for the school year. We love writing in their diaries each week about their adventures. We hope to help them fix their space ship with the many challenges we do. Their 2 pets Speedy and Flash get into a lot of mischief. They decorated our classroom over the weekend. It is very spooky now!
      Mrs. Onyskiws
      Grade 3 class

      • Dear Mrs. Onyskiws’ class,
        We are happily blogging and are enjoying sharing our learning. If you would like to see what we are learning and want to comment on our blog posts, we’d like to invite you to visit our blog. We’d also love to hear what you are studying and to find out how your 4 robots and 2 pets are enjoying their visit with your school.

        Mrs. Fordyce and the 27 ranchers

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