May The Force Be With You!

Gravity effects us every minute of every day of our lives. Without gravity we would float up into space.
When you try to push or pull something, it takes a force, when you try to change the velocity of something, it also uses force.
Newton second law applies to almost everything: F=MA; M=A/F; A=F/A
The force of gravity coming from the moon, creates tides, and this effects life on earth, some species cannot live without the high and low tides, and if these species die, they would directly or indirectly effect us.
Electromagnetism is one of the four forces, we use electromagnetism everyday. Our whole earth is surrounded by this force, our magnetic field. We use electromagnetism in our everyday lives, the maglev trains use electromagnets to be lifted up in the air. We use electromagnets in motors, telephone’s, radio’s, microphones and recently there is a study going on in Harvard about electromagnetism being used as therapy.

How would your day change if there were no forces acting on us? In the bubble beside this post tell me how an activity you do in the day would be different. For example brushing your teeth.