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10 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. For Thanksgiving my dad,my mom ,my sister and I went to my mom’s grandma’s house for supper! Then the next day my family went to my dad’s mom’s house for dinner! Then the next day my family just sat in the house and watched the football game on TV and my mom took my to dance and when we came home Jessica had a movie going on my Xbox 360! Thanksgiving was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanksgiving was great because our family was together. We ate a special meal of turkey, ham, gravy, stuffing, potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin pie.
    We played board games: monopoly, operation, and cribbage.
    We have so much to be thankful for: my family, friends, home, good food and laughs.
    I am thankful for all my students. Wishing you a great year!

  3. Thanksgiving was great because my family was there and there where mashed potatoes and gravy. I had a sleep over with my cousin.

  4. Thanksgiving was great because we went to my great aunty’s and my grandma was there.We had quit a feast. My dad, Aunty Lory, my brother and I played monopoly. Aunty Lory won even though my brother had Park Place and Boardwalk. Then we went to my cousin’s and had a sleep over. We were also celebrating my cousin’s birthday. After super we went home.

  5. For thanksgiving I went to my grandma’s house to have supper . When we got there my cousins were there and we played in the snow. When we went home my cousin Brianna came home with me.When we were home we played all night.

  6. Thanksgiving was great because we went to our grandma’s house. We stayed for two days. The next morning we went to a hall and had a large thanksgiving celebration with all my cousins.

  7. Thanks giving was the best because I got to go to a party and have dinner, for supper we went to a hotel to eat.In the morning we had a special breakfast when we were done we went sledding.We went to a friend`s house we laugh and played.We had dinner we went home and we played games.We made a a snow fort and made a snowman.We went inside and have supper went we were done supper we made thanks giving cards and colored the cards we gave it to who ever we want when we were done we went to watched a movie. That was the best thanks giving ever.

  8. My cousins came over and we went to Saskatoon. We went to a movie and it was scary. We went to the trampoline park and I did back flips, round off back tuck and I did a back flop onto a big bag that was soft. We went to Montana’s restaurant and I had shrimp and some fries. We had a sleep over at my Auntie Dawns house then we went home I went to see Angel with her bandage on then I pet Oreo and Bailey and Angel.

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