Christmas Around the World Project

We have joined the Christmas Around the World Project. What a great way to make connections, share and celebrate the holidays. Students in my class have created, on their individual blog posts, their own post on Christmas in Canada. They are located on the left side of our blog.They would love to have you read and comment on them.

We have created a padlet page below where WE WOULD LOVE IF YOU WOULD add to our Christmas Around the World and tell us how you celebrate the holidays. We are very excited to learn about the different celebrations and traditions.Just click on the link below. Thanks and we wish you a very merry Christmas.

Amazing Structures

Structures are so amazing. We are learning about structures in our new Science Unit. It is amazing to see how different they can be. We know you have to build strong and stable structures so they will last for years. Did you know that structures are usually built for a certain purpose? They can be made out of many different materials. After watching the video on some very cool structures Google amazing structures from around the world. Find one that you really like and tell me more about it in the comment bubble beside this post. I am excited to see how many different structures we can learn about! 🙂

Also animals make amazing structures too.

Remembrance Day

We celebrate Remembrance day on November 11. We are so lucky to have freedom and peace in our land. Thank you to all the soldiers and their families who gave for us to have peace. On November 11 at eleven o’clock take time to remember!

In the bubble beside this post tell me what you are grateful for and what will you do to Remember all the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.