What would you do if you were elected Prime Minister of Canada?

Monday, October 19 is a very important day. This is elections day. There are different parties running to become the elected party. Everyone who is over 18 in Canada can vote. I wonder which party will win? If you were elected the new Prime Minister of Canada what would you do for the people of Canada? You can add your ideas to the bubble beside this post. Excited to see what you would do?

Amazing Soil

Soil is so amazing! The food that you eat, the air that you breathe, and the surface you walk on all originate from soil.
After watching the video below tell me some cool facts about soil in the bubble beside the post! Excited to read what you find out about this amazing thing called soil.

Quality Comments

Leaving quality comments on a blog is my favorite part of blogging! This is where you get to interact with other people to build and share ideas. Watch the video below to help you create quality comments.

Here is a great list of comment starters to help you get started.
comment starters

Impossible …….Possible

Everyone has obstacles to overcome. It may be in sports, reading, math, work, music or life, but the key to obstacles is to never give up! You need to take chances or else nothing new is ever learned. What if Terry Fox gave up? What if no one took the chance to invent the airplane or a new medicine? RISK = LIFE

In the comment bubble beside this post tell about an obstacle you have overcome OR an obstacle you would like to overcome. Use COMPLETE sentences!
Exited to read them!

These people NEVER gave up! They took risks and succeeded.