Grade 3 is so EXCITED because theGlobal Read Aloud is starting Soon!!

We have been making predictions about the global read aloud book we are doing this year call FISH IN A TREE by Lynda Mullaly Hunt! We are making connections with other countries, schools and students!! It is so amazing how one book can connect us all together.

Let the amazing adventures begin!!
Below is the book trailer for FISH IN A TREE ! What do you think the book will be about? Put your predictions in the speech bubble beside this post!

We are All Global Citizens

We are learning about Global Citizenship! We are trying to answer some very important questions.
What does Global Citizenship mean?
Who does it involve?
How can we be a Global Citizen?
Why is it so important?

After watching the video created by Becky Morales help answer our questions in the speech bubble beside the post title. Remember to use complete sentences! I am excited to read what you think about Global Citizenship.

Robots land on Robert Melrose Elementary School

Breaking news at Robert Melrose Elementary School. On July 1,2015 a spaceship from Zuron landed on top of the school. There were 4 robots inside and their 2 pets Speedy and Flash. They will be staying with the Grade 3 class who have a mad scientist, Mrs. Onyskiw, until she and the students can fix their spaceship.I wonder why the robots would have left their planet? In the comment box beside this post tell me why you think they would have left their province. Remember to answer in complete sentences!!!