Let the FORCE be with you!!!

There are forces working around you everyday.

Some forces at work are friction, moving air, moving water, electrostatic, magnetic, muscular, buoyancy, and gravity. Imagine how different our world would be without these forces!!

These forces are can be contact (where they act directly on the object) or non-contact (where they do not need to touch the object to work).

Watch the video on Chris Hadfield, who is an astronaut in space, and see how different it is to have no force of gravity. Can you wring water out of a washcloth in space?

My challenge to you is to think of an everyday activity (like brushing your teeth) and tell me how different it would be if there were NO forces for a day. (no force of gravity, muscular, friction etc. Look at the list above for other forces)
Use the comment box beside this post to tell me about your discoveries. I can hardly wait.

Ready, Set, Go….start discovering!