Amazing World of Structures

We are learning about structures in our new Science Unit. It is amazing to see how different they can be. We know you have to build strong and stable structures so they will last for years. Did you know that structures are usually built for a certain purpose? They can be made out of many different materials. After watching the video on some very cool structures Google amazing structures from around the world. Find one that you really like and tell me more about it in the comment bubble beside this post. I am excited to see how many different structures we can learn about! 🙂

Holidays Around the World

There are many amazing traditions and festivals celebrated around the world. It is fascinating to see how similar the practices are among people often thought to be very “different” from each other. This shows that all of us on Earth are part of something bigger than ourselves, our families, our countries, and our religions and multicultural groups. US refers to everyone on Earth. Let’s find out how we celebrate around the world.
After watching the videos search on Google HOLIDAY TRADITIONS AROUND THE WORLD FOR KIDS. After reading about the many traditions tell me about your favorite one in the comment bubble bedside this post. I am very excited to learn along with you! 🙂

The Tube That Changed The World

One of the greatest scientific inventions to change the world is the Microscope. Watch the video of this amazing invention.

Below is a video of the top microscopic images of 2013. The world under a Microscope. It looks like something from outerspace.

If you could work on creating a new invention what would it be? Tell me about your new scientific invention in the comment bubble beside this post. Remember to also tell me why you think this invention would be important to the world. I can hardly wait to hear about them. 🙂

The Fourteenth Goldfish Challenge

We have just finished reading The Fourteenth Goldfish. The last page of the book is……
Click on the link below to read it!
last page of the fourteenth goldfish

Imagine the author Jennifer Holms asks you to help her write the next book in The Fourteenth Goldfish series. After reading the last page what are your ideas for the next book. I am excited to hear about them. Use the comment bubble beside this post to tell me your ideas! 🙂

Author Jennifer Holms

We have finished the wonderful Global Read Aloud book called The Fourteenth Goldfish. The author wanted to join in on our fun and so she has read the last chapter of her book for us to listen to.

We have loved the book and all the great connections we have made with other countries, students, and teachers through Skype, Edmondo and Google Hangout. Thanks for making our reading adventure amazing!

Click on the link below to listen to the last chapter read by the author Jennifer Holms.

Remembrance Day

We are so lucky to live in such an amazing country. On November 11th at eleven o’clock take time to remember those who helped to make freedom possible for us.

Below is a video called Remembrance Day Explained. It explains how Remembrance Day started and why it is so IMPORTANT!