Quality Comments

Leaving quality comments on a blog is my favorite part of blogging! This is where you get to interact with other people to build and share ideas. Watch the video below to help you create quality comments.

Here are some comment starters to help you get started with your quality Comments.

Please Help Soil Erosion

Erosion is where land is worn away by different forces. These forces can be water, wind and ice. It can change the shape and texture of mountains and many other things too. Erosion has actually formed many cool features on Earth like mountain peaks, coastlines and valleys too.
Sadly erosion can also destroy our precious soil. Can you think of ways to stop soil? Please help us by putting your ideas in the comment box beside this post!!! :)

First Day Back to School!!!

AARRRRRR pirates……..So excited for a new school year to begin!! So glad you made it aboard the Grade 3 class! It is going to be an amazing adventure!!

In the Comment bubble beside this post tell what is your favorite thing about starting back to school! What do you like the most in school? What do you want to learn about this year?

Plant Adaptations

Adaptations are special features that allow a plant or animal to live in a particular place or habitat. These adaptations might make it very difficult for the plant to survive in a different place. This explains why certain plants are found in one area, but not in another.